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Specialty Clean-Up

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Chemfil Canada supplies the full spectrum of specialty products designed for paint shop and general maintenance requirements.



Water-based, single package, low temperature, multi- purpose products designed to remove overspray paint, grease, adhesives and much more.

Aquastrip Safe-T-Gel

Non-toxic, solvent free and non-hazardous paint, grease and adhesive remover, water-based single package low temperature multi purpose product.

  • Non-toxic and does not contain any hazardous solvents or ingredients.
  • Can be used on all hard woods, soft woods, metals, stone, brick, ceramics, plastics and more.
  • Products in this series are formulated at different viscosities for various applications.
Application Method
  • Spray
  • Immersion
  • Manual Application with Rag
  • Brush
  • Roller


EZ GUARD™ WB Graffiti Barrier

Protects porous surfaces from graffiti. Safe and easy to use.


EZ GUARD™ WB Graffiti Barrier can be used to ease the removal of graffiti on concrete, stone, monuments, tile, brick and many other common surfaces.

  • Just spray on cleaned surface
  • Waterbased
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable
  • If the area is tagged, medium pressure water blasting is much more effective in removing graffiti when the EZ GUARD™ WB Graffitti Barrier has been previously applied to surface.
  • Reapply EZ GUARD™ WB Graffiti Barrier after water blasting


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EZ Guard WB Graffiti Barrier

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EZ STRIP™ DESCALE RLC is an industrial strength cleaner that instantly dissolves hard water stains caused by deposits of RUST, LIME, and/or CALCIUM.


  • Cleans: RUST stains from cement, stucco, porcelain, metal, and other substrates. Perfect for removing staining from rebar rust on concrete and for when planters or other outdoor furnature leaves a mark on stone or concrete.
  • Eliminates: CALCIUM deposits from glassware, hot beverage makers, kettles, still pots, etc.,
  • Dissolves LIME scales from coffeemakers, kettles, humidifiers, toilets, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, shower curtains, etc.,
  • If you have hard water problems, then you need EZ STRIP™ DESCALE RLC
  • Industrial Strength Cleaner
  • Safe for Drain Piping and Septic Systems
  • Contains No Phosphates

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