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Chlorine bleach based cleaner.  Chlorine Sani is a fast-acting stain removing agent.

Removes stains and tannin deposits from floors and work surfaces. Excellent on formica and stainless steel.

  • Hard Surface Sterilization of all food processing areas such as Butchers, Bakeries, Dairies, Restaurants and cafes, University halls of residence (facilities) and Kitchens and canteens
  • Chlorine Sani is suitable for cleaning hard floors such as tiles and vinyl. Wring out the mop to near dryness and mop over the floor. For especially badly stained floors wet mop and dry with the wrung out mop. Discard solution after use. Chlorine Sani is not suitable for use on carpets or soft furnishings as it is likely to affect the dye in these materials.



Descale NP dissolves lime-scale and corrosion products such as rust but has minimal effect on the base materials of fabrication.

Descale NP is based on phosphoric and nitric acid so the products of the descaling are soluble salts, non-toxic and non-tainting.  Descale NP can be used anywhere there are dishwashers, kettles or boilers – restaurants, cafes, kitchens, catering facilities; hard water deposits or rust stains.



Machine Wash is an economical, multi-purpose detergent for use with commercial automatic dish wash, tray wash, and glass wash machines.

It rapidly breaks down grease, starch and protein.  Machine Wash contains ingredients to minimize the chemical effect of the wash solution on tableware, giving tableware a longer service life.  It’s low-foaming cleaning power also makes it ideal for floor scrubbing and pressure washing when a heavy duty, low foaming detergent is required.



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Purple Beer Line Cleaner is a self-indicating line cleaner formulated for the professional to ensure that optimum conditions are maintained in beer pumps and lines after cleaning.  It contains active chlorine to effectively sanitize the lines and pump without affecting cleaning.

  • Cleans and sanitizes in one action
  • Leaves no after taste
  • Colour indicator: Green=Dirty | Purple=Clean



An economical rinse aid which produces a dry gleaming finish.

Ultra Rinse is designed to be used in the final rinse cycle of automatic dish and glass washing machines. It helps the rinse water to flow away from the washed items, eliminating water spot marks and providing a sparkling finish to all the crockery and glassware.